Sunday, August 24, 2014

Horizons by Alpha Wave Movement New Release August 2014

The latest release by Alpha Wave Movement "Horizons" is scheduled to be released at the end of August 2014

Horizons is a melodic uplifting suite of compositions with an emphasis on textures and rhythm. Combining the elements of the  "old school" 1970's synthesis together with cinematic like thematic intonations.

Sonic tone poems reflecting, refracting and channeling the dynamic and fluid nature of the physical world.

A evocation of emotional melodic and cinematic compositions intended to transcend your listening vistas far beyond the dying light particles on the horizons ear.

Audio samples available from the Harmonic Resonance Recording Bandcamp site:

** Please not that the release is longer in length than the three tracks available for preview during the pre-order period.
To all Resellers and DJ's if you would like a complimentary digital down of the full album please send me a note requesting a copy and I will send you a download code.


An Introduction to the Music of Open Canvas

For those of you unfamiliar with my now defunct project Open Canvas this was an alias I used to compose ethnic/world influenced electronic music.

The first two releases Nomadic Impressions and Indumani where released on the Waveform label in the late 90s.

The final release in the trilogy was Travel By Sound which was released in 2005 on Harmonic Resonance Recordings (HRR).

Open Canvas draws influence from the melodic and rhythmic aesthetics of Asia and the middle east focusing on use of sampled string and percussion instrumentation with the addition of some Jamaican Dub to a nice bubbling simmer.

I am now offering Travel By Sound as a Name Your Price release on the HRR Bandcamp site. 

Download the album for nothing and if the music strikes your inner ears muse offer what you like for my time and labor. 

Also available:

Within Reason "Substrate" Collected Elements" - A body of collected Within Reason tracks created prior to Subtle Shift and in-between Transient Broadcasts.

Also included is the rare and never released Group Think - Within Reason (Within a Dub Mix) of the track "Does it Dream" from the Group Think release "Of Microcosmic Origins".

Within Reason "Farshadow" - 2014 release original put on the Anodize label in a sold out tin box version. Farshadow takes off where Subtle Shift finishes. Environmental field recordings and atmospheric percussive undulations tether around the sound-field like vines of a primal forest. New plains of listening for the eager ear.

Within Reason "Subtle Shift" - the debut 2012 release which introduced field recordings and ambient dub fusion in a "subtle" electronic journey.

Alpha Wave Movement "Eolian Reflections" - Originally released in a limited and now sold out tin box cd on the Anodize label. This is the continuation of the audio journey into the arid southwestern regions of the US thru the use of sound and minimal rhythmic manipulations.

And always thank you to everyone receiving and supporting the music. Without you the independent music scene would not exist!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Within Reason Repress & Open Canvas Music Featured in Show True Blood

Eolian Reflections & Subtle Shift

Alpha Wave Movement "Eolian Reflections" was originally released as a limited edition pressing in round tin boxes on the Periphery now Anodize label in 2012 and quickly sold out.

The release will be available again in a jewel box format complete with on disc color printing and full insert/tray artwork. Music will be identical to the original release.

You can purchase a copy of Eolian Reflections from the HRR Bandcamp site here.

For those of you who are not familiar with my alter doppleganger project Within Reason it is a electronica project focusing more on the sublime & "dubbier" side of down-tempo electronica. That stated it is not dance music or techno dance music. The music is murky, slightly more organic and with a "subtle" percussive undercurrent.

Subtle Shift was released on Periphery now Anodize back in 2012 and sold out within a short period of time.

I have repressed Subtle Shift in a jewel case format and you can order the disc direct from the HRR Bandcamp site here.

Within Reason "Farshadow" the most recent endeavor will also be re-released soon in jewel case format. The original Anodize copies are now sold out.

Pre-orders for Within Reason Farshadow are now being taken here.

Music of Open Canvas Appears in Episode of True Blood

Many years ago in 1998 I released a trilogy of 3 discs under the alias of Open Canvas. These where Nomadic Impressions (1998), Indumani (2001) and Travel By Sound (2005).

The music of Open Canvas drew upon my interests in fusing Indian, Middle-Eastern and ambient music together. The music was purposely dominated by the use of synthesized and sampled sitars, tablas, strings and ethnic vocals creating a cross cultural exploration in ethnic electronica.

Recently the show True Blood Season 7 episode 3 featured some of the music from Indumani. An excerpt from the track Ojopati was used.

This is the first time any music from Open Canvas has been used in a syndicated show.

The cd unfortunately is now out of print is under the license of Waveform Records.

However you can still purchase the music on Amazon Digital & ITunes here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Within Reason Farshadow News & Alpha Wave Movement Repress

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of Within Reason "Farshadow"!

Farshadow is now out of print on the Anodize label however there might be a few copies overseas from these online music stores:

Groove Unlimited

You can still purchase Digital Downloads of all the Within Reason release from the HRR Bandcamp site here

Those of you interested in the debut Within Reason release "Subtle Shift" can purchase the jewel case version which will be in stock next week.The artwork is very similar to the original tin box version and the music remains identical.

Subtle was my first experiment moving vertically musically from my main recording project Alpha Wave Movement and as the title suggests the music is very subtle but not without lack of movement or underlying pulse. Much of the influence for the Within Reason project came from my interest in repetitious trance inducing music like that of pioneers Rod Modell, GAS etc..

Subtle Shift debut was a limited pressing of 100 copies in a hand made tin box on the then Periphery Label which is now officially Anodize.

You can pre-order a copy of Subtle Shift here.

A re-press of Alpha Wave Movement "Eolian Reflections" and Within Reason "Farshadow" discs are currently in the works. These again will be in standard jewel cases with full artwork reminiscent of their Anodize releases sans tin box packaging.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alpha Wave Movement on Hearts Of Space & Micro Quantity Within Reason + Thought Guild cd's

I have recently found a few extra copies of the out of print cd  Thought Guild "Third Voyage" as well as a few copies of Within Reason "Substrate: Collected Elements" a collection of unreleased tracks from my ambient/dub side project.

These where original limited editions of 25-50 copies hand numbered and a repress is never going to happen.

The extra copies are fitted neatly into eco cd lp sleeves with minmal artwork. Cds have full color printing with artwork. Sorry the original packaging is long gone and these are the next best thing to owning the physical release.

There are only a handful of physical copies and I mean a miniscule amount. You can purchase these at the HRR Bandcamp site directly.

Other News:

Recently Hearts of Space the well known and nationally syndicated show from Sausalito California featured Alpha Wave Movement on two of their 2014 shows.


Details: The Ambient soundscapes of the season are brighter, bolder, larger, with a sense of possibility, even hope. The long winter is past, the joy of spring and the blissful days of summer are at hand.

On this transmission of Hearts of Space, a journey in the vernal soundscape, on a program called EXPANSION.

HOS PGM. 1012 ECOTONES  2013

PGM NOTE : the realm between natural ambient sounds and music
Producer : Steve Davis and Stephen Hill

Thank you Stephen & Steve!

Hearts of Space has been in syndication since the 1970s and introduced many of us seeking higher musical experiences beyond the banalities of spoon fed FM pop radio to something deeper and harmonious. Many times HOS would feature ambient, space and world fused instrumental music that reflected a musical universe completely polar opposite of what standard radio was serving. Featuring artists such as Kitaro, Steve Roach, Mark Isham, Tri Atma, Muslim Gauze etc that would never have had a chance to be broadcast into our homes and automobiles (this was the 1980s I speak of).

You can tune in and support Heart of Space here.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Archaic Frontiers New Release CD + Digital Download

A further trek into the dominions of dusty red terrain and enigmatic crimson sunsets. Canyons and plateaus that echo a shamans motif of tribes lost in the mist of time & forgotten history. Music infused with improvisation and imagery channeled thru electronic medium and carved into form. Refractive tone clusters and their rhythmic counterparts vibrate thru the sediment and stone on the Archaic Frontiers.

All synthesizer programming & music compositions by Gregory Kyryluk 2009-2014
Photography & Design by Gregory Kyryluk.

Available on cd and digital download via Bancamp (click here)

Limited cd run of 50 copies.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ambient Online 2 Compilation Unreleased AWM Music + More

Just released on Bandcamp the follow-up to the Ambient Online series of electronic music compilations. These series feature musicians from all over the globe whom carve out their own unique brand of ambient electronic music and offer their works for your listening journeys.

The Ambient Online #2 compilations features the unreleased Alpha Wave Movement track "Sonik Tincture (Microwave Mix)". This is a improvised track recorded the last year and never before available anywhere else.

Here's a brief overview of the compilation which in itself is a superb deal considering the amount of interesting music for a fraction of the price of a regular download.......

Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 2 brings together the most talented artists has to offer. With 40 tracks and a total running time of almost 5 hours, this is by far some of the best ambient, dark ambient, and experimental music you'll find anywhere else.

Please visit the Ambient Online Bandcamp page for audio samples and purchase.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vintage AWM Titles CD Limited Repress & New Celestial Chronicles Review

Two of my previous releases Concept of Motion (originally releases in 1998 on the Groove Unlimited label) and The Mystic & The Machine (Harmonic Resonance Recordings) have been both out of print on physical media for quite a few years.

I have decided to run a small batch of these releases on cd.

Anyone interested in purchasing the cds please visit the HRR Bandcamp page here to purchase the cd/cds.

The original pressing/release of Concept of Motion on Groove Unlimited did not have the bonus track "Optic Nerve Dream" which is included on the HRR/Harmonic Resonance Recordings repress.

The Mystic & the Machine is a vary different Alpha Wave Movement release stylistically as it explored the romantic and cosmic progressive rock influences of Genesis, ELP, Pink Floyd, Camel of the 1970s only with the use of synthesizers and the addition of fine "vintage" electric guitar of UK musician Steve Hillman.

This is the most 'rock" and high energy release in the AWM catalog and after all these years I am still very proud and humble to have Steve play some of the most warm and harmonious guitar I have heard.

Synth & Sequences Recently Reviewed Celestial Chronicles 

Here is the Review in it Entirety:

Hollow winds awaken an organic fauna as well as some delicate tom-toms which pound on the discreet circular rhythm of "Ancestral Star Chart". Lonely chords are roaming there. They form a shy melody which dances in dense and morphic cosmic veils while other chords hammered in a false xylophone decorate an ambient rhythm which coils up comfortably in the hollow of the ear. Wrapped up in an intense sonic dryad and embroidered into structures of rhythms of which the discretion feed the ambiguities and where we just cannot ignore Steve Roach's influences, "Ancestral Star Chart" breathes all the contrasts of an EM which tries as much to seduce than to introduce a musical quest out of the ordinary. Discreet rhythms, but always very present, in ambiances sculptured in the esoteric-ism are the privilege of Alpha Wave Movement's last work. “Celestial Chronicles” inhales all the serenity of its name. Behind every piece of music, of which the last seconds leave an imprint of amazement, Gregory Kyryluk weaves ambient rhythms which are submerged by an intense cosmic  painting where the stars burst of their twinkling singing, spreading musical tears which melt themselves into spiritual approaches to make cry the winds. And "Ancestral Star Chart" is a soft introduction to this fragility of the contrasts which lie down on an impressive pallet of musical landscapes where the eclecticism and the esoteric-ism sing on the same harmonies.

The discovery of this other pleasant surprise of Alpha Wave Movement continues with the very ethereal intro of "When We Roamed the Stars". There where cries a very musical synth within a symphony of stars dusts. A rhythm arises from this sonic abundance under a shape of a spiral of which the ascending curves tie up their jumping keys to some sober percussion. The metronomic beatings, soft as harmonious pulsations, accelerate a rhythmic which always remains a prisoner of a dense electronic pattern where the tears of synths abound in the iridescent mists and those fragments of stars and their twinkling dawn serenades. The winds of Orion smother the final, like they blow on the very ambiospherical introduction of "The Tender Sea of Space". The ambient music expires the melancholic sighs of Vangelis in his futuristic visions while that the soft movement of sequences reminds the one that Richard Pinhas exploited in his wonderful East/West (Ruitor). The fusion of these two genres in this interstellar sonic palette irradiated by thousand tones is rather crunchy. "Radiosonic Temple of Harmonic Sound" is the most impressive and lively track of “Celestial Chronicles”. And yet, its slow contemplative introduction, where the sitar and the Steiner EVI of Mark Steiner tune their sound prayers, calls up to the meditation. Sinuous synth curves draw the intriguing drones which liven up a superb hypnotic rhythm where our ears have difficulty in kissing all the subtleties of sequences and percussion's. The rhythm is clanic, with Middle East fragrances, and embraces a kind of soft ambient down-tempo with a structure which hiccups smoothly in the Arabian breezes of the Steiner Electronic Valve Instrument. It's very good and the ear hooks on the very first listening.

"Genesis of a Super Nova" offers a somber lunar lullaby with a fine movement of sequences of which the ritornello of the chords from a kind of cosmic harp floats in astral choruses, rivers of harmonious prisms and in breezes of ether. Still there, it's very beautiful, magnetizing. I would say even very striking with those slow floating synth layers which cry and kiss these muffled knockings which divide carefully the morphic rhythms from the cosmic moods of “Celestial Chronicles”. How beautiful it is! "Stellar Mantra" is closer of the Hindus divinities with a slow rhythm, very transic, where the sitar scatters its weeping notes on the back of fine tribal percussion's of which the delicate tom-toms calm our torments as much as the fascinating monasterial choir. And as for each of the tracks on “Celestial Chronicles”, the rhythm evolves with a subtle velocity in the pace without ever overflow beyond its hypnotic Mantric shroud. "Final Transmission" is the last connection between cosmos and our spirit of “Celestial Chronicles”. It's a track which is as much ambient than somber. And it is very dark with its long movements of drones which cross a very abstract soundscape where prisms shine and gradually form a chain of rhythm of which the keys hop and hiccup finely in thick synth clouds and their electronic radio activities to be cut out to the chisel. Fine arpeggios emerge from nowhere, so decorating a finale which reminds fortunately that we can take back our lost senses in the floating harmonies of "Ancestral Star Chart".

The more I dig into Gregory Kyryluk's universe, the more I discover an artist among whom the value and the talent remain still too much underestimated in the very big sphere of EM. A little as Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Jeffrey Koepper, the American synthesist does his small affair without making too much noise. Remaining very discreet in his native Massachussetts, he has created his own label (Harmonic Resonances) and produces a delicious EM which passes too often under the radar. I just hope that “Celestial Chronicles” doesn’t undergo the same path. As beautiful as good, it's an album to be discovered. Moreover if there is an artist whom you should discover in 2014, I strongly recommend Alpha Wave Movement.

Sylvain Lupari (February 26th, 2014)